The 's Natural Law Theory

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The challenges Christianity faces are always changing. From Church order, justice, life issues, and science. These changes create a chain reaction in Christianity and traditionalist have a difficult time accepting this. With all the lectures and readings that we learned about this last seven weeks, I see that Christians are adapting to society 's views by my fellow classmate’s discussions and posts. The specific challenges that I will discuss are: Birth control, cloning, genetic engineering, and homosexuality. Hopefully by the end of this paper I would have given you enough explanation to why I agree or disagree with these scientific enhancements that are occurring in the world today. In order to get my point across I will discuss the challenges in a different view, why they are considered moral in today’s society, and why they are acceptable to Christianity.
The Aquina’s Natural Law Theory has five primary precepts: Reproduction, Life (living to the supreme good), education in adult life, worshiping God, and law and order (Natural Law Theory, 2010). With this being one theory that Christians live by, I think these five precepts would be very easy to automatically disagree with some, if not all of these scientific advancements. Such as birth control and homosexuality, but with the changes in society 's view, so does the natural law. The Stoics believed that the natural world is to live rationally and happily (Shaw, 2016). Since individuals have a rational thought of why…
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