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She merely wants all people to be on the same level when it comes to the protection and rights that the law provide. McClelland’s needs Of McClelland’s three needs, Beatrice only has the need for power. Her need for power is not so much a personal need, but institutional. Her need for power has and still is for the betterment of people as a whole. She is a universally known human rights lawyer because she knows the importance of allowing people the ability to have the basic right to have the law protect them. Her organization is any and all organizations that allow people the ability to speak freely. Any power that she has she uses to her good and the good of those she is defending. She is all about equality and being treated fairly.…show more content…
This organization helps victims of any political violence that is organized. She also sits on the Boards of Child Protection Society, which provides protection for orphaned and in need children. Due to the importance of her using her power, she sits on various international boards. These include Freedom Under Law, Media Institute of Southern Africa, Media Defense Fund, and was a President of the Law Society of Zimbabwe. In her documentary The Rule of Law, you were able to see how her power has helped many different people from all walks of life. Not just Africans, but Americans and others as well. For instance, there was a scene in the movie where she was coming to get a client out of jail. However, the jail was unwilling to release the client. She had the cameras rolling when she went in and rolling when she came out with her client. In the interim we found out that there was going to be no release. However, we found out that she had to make a phone call over everyone’s head to have the prisoner release. That was only done because of the power she has and the power of her name and what she will do if the release had not happened. In the same documentary, there were a couple of interviews that were conducted with Mugabe supporters who worked side-by-side with him. They both said the same thing about Beatrice. There were times that they did not want to do certain things, but because she has power with the media and others she is able
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