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Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go and Kurt Vonnegut’s short stories, Harrison Bergeron and Who Am I This Time?, both explore the theme of individuality. Individuality is simply the quality of being different from others. Both Ishiguro and Vonnegut use their works to discuss different aspects of individuality. Never Let Me Go explores aspects including opinions and dreams, creativity, and relationships, while Vonnegut’s short stories explore aspects such as being oneself and freedom of choice. Kurt Vonnegut’s Who Am I This Time? discusses being an individual. Who Am I This Time? tells the story of a production of the play A Streetcar Named Desire. Harry Nash, the main star of every play the town puts on, is a shy, antisocial clerk at the hardware store while he is not on stage. Harry “never could think of anything to say or do without a script” (16), displaying Harry’s conformity and introversion. The director discovers a beautiful girl named Helene Shaw, who he asks to audition for the play, believing she would fit the role of Stella. When she auditions, the director is heartbroken to discover that she can not act. After Helene cries, knowing they thought she was terrible, they decide to try having her perform a scene with Harry. The director realizes that with Harry’s powerhouse performing, Helene is also an incredible actress. As they rehearse and into the actual performances, Helene falls in love with Harry. Despite being told that Harry is not the same off stage, Helene

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