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The first thing I noticed about the Rift was that it looked like one of those sleep pods from sci-fi movies in the early 2000’s. The machine was sleek. A silver pod, with the outline of an opening barely visible. Perfectly ordinary for such a device, but for some reason it sucked all the light out of the room. The weight of what I was about to experience finally catching up to me. I will be able to see, smell, and feel everything. Everything that happened in Elie Wiesel’s night. I will see, smell, and feel the holocaust through the eyes of Wiesel. “Alright, uh, Yavin. Nice name. I’m Mr. Hiraku. Are you ready?” the teacher asked, looking down at his chart for my name.
“Yes sir.” I answered, a bit shakily. I had used VR before for video games, but never for something so important.
“Alright. I’m going to read you off some side effects involved with this experience. ‘While participating in the Night VR experience software, you may encounter some nausea, disorientation, and discomfort due to the connectors. After using the Night VR experience software, you may encounter nightmares, thoughts of suicide, depression, and other symptoms of PTSD. Would you like to continue with the use of this VR software?’”
I hadn’t known there was going to be so many side effects. But then again, it’s to be expected. To experience something only explainable as horrific, even through VR, is bound to leave something behind.
Noticing my hesitation, Mr. Hiraku added “Yavin, these side effects are
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