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Gordeau’s opinion on monogamy relates well in theory and reinforces current societal norms . However, her argument lacks research to support her view, while giving few examples of the benefits of monogamy she relinquishes any depth and breadth in her opinion, leaving out any clarity on this matter.
Gordeau’s points…
“Humans are among just 3% of mammals that form pair bonds, she says.” (Taverner p. 74) - Only 3% of mammals pair bonds is an extremely low percentage and does not support the case for monogamy. Moreover, I would argue this is a point for non-monogamy and state it is more natural not to mate for life than to continue a monogamous relationship, because 97% mammals do not form pair bonds.
“...a human woman carried a child in her
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It created more variety in the woman’s family line, doubled a man’s potential offspring, and served as an insurance policy against spouses death.” (Taverner p. 74) - Gourdeau stating this point supports non monogamous relationships instead of monogamous because it gives an example of why cheating has benefits. Furthermore, she then dives into a study about the difficulties of staying faithful.
Anderson’s study on monogamy doesn’t work because of our pornified culture, “people will become habituated (bored) with their partner faster and experience an increased desire to see sex with others.” (Taverner p. 74) - Again, Gourdeau makes a statement in her article providing research on opposing her position on monogamy. Moreover, she only states Anderson sampled a narrow demographic, however, she never explains how this point supports monogamy.
Gourdeau states, “humans want sex with multiple people it doesn’t mean they need it or that it’s in their best interest.” (Taverner p. 75) - Personally I agree with this statement. However, much can be said for flipping this statement around for non monogamous relationships. Moreover, wellness is about finding a balance. Individuals could seek to find a balance with multiple partners.
Logical and/or theoretical benefits of monogamy include; a personal more intimate relationship that will assist with self esteem, avoidance of STI’s, conforms with social norms,
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