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Epictetus was born in 55 AD in Hierapolis, Phrygia and he died in 135 AD in Nicopolis, Achaea. He was born to the life of a slave and died as a great roman philosopher. As a slave he studied Stoic philosophy due to his owner recognizing his intellectual potential. He studied under the Musonius Rufus. He was granted freedom after Emperor Nero’s death. After some time Epictetus had gained his freedom and opened up his own school of philosophy where he taught up until he was exiled from Rome. After being banished Epictetus relocated to Nicopolis in Greece where he opened another school and taught there up until his death. Epictetus’ main school of philosophy was that of Stoicism which teaches that philosophy is more so a way of life as opposed to something one takes up in their free time. Stoicism also teaches about the ways to live a perfect life through means of clear judgment, inner calm, and freedom from suffering which is attained by letting go of worldly pleasures.
Epictetus was born into slavery from his mother who was also a slave. He was granted his freedom sometime after the death of Emperor Nero in the year 68 AD by Epaphroditus who had also been a slave and was freed by Nero for revealing a coup against the Emperor. Tacitus calls Epaproditus “Nero’s Freedman” and reports he was with Nero when the Emperor committed suicide, and offered to help him do so. It should not be viewed as strange that Epaphroditus, having been a slave, should own slaves once he, himself,
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