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Shinichi 's Pov "We have to retreat.", said Migi. "I can 't last much longer." I stepped back and took off running. They weren 't following me. I 've never seen something so weird. Do they all have those red leg things? I reached my house and ran inside. I looked out the window for them but they weren 't there. Maybe they 're a new breed of aliens? From what I 've seen I 'll have to eliminate them too. The sun was already rising. I have no time to sleep I have to get the the nearest library and fast. Maybe it 'll have something on these creatures. I called a taxi to take me to the library. The streets were still empty and the skies were still pink. We drove past many food places that made my stomach rumble. When we were driving, we…show more content…
If they were all in Tokyo why are they all here? I 'm guessing the CCG is a place where they kill ghouls. I should be able to kill at least one with my abilities. I exited the library and started walking back to the coffee shop I saw. If I can capture him then, he could lead me to the rest of the ghouls. "Migi, how far away is he.", I whispered walking down the empty road. "It 's not wise to go after the ghouls.", Migi said. "It 's not our job." "Weren 't you listening, ghouls are man eating monsters. What are we gonna do if they start eating up our city?!" "It 's only one person a month.", Migi responded. "Yeah one body for each ghoul have you thought about that? It 's gonna be the mincemeat murders all over again. I 'm not gonna let anyone else get hurt by-" "The target is moving from the shop.", Migi interrupted. "He 's heading south." "We 're gonna follow him.", I said as I started to pick up my pace. I came across the coffee shop that he was in. I went inside. "Welcome.", the lady said at the counter as I walked in. I sat down in one of the booths. She headed over to take my order. "We usually don 't get so many handsome young men this early.", she said pulling out her note pad. "What can I get for you hon~" "One black coffee." "That all?", she said lifting her eyebrow. I nodded. She went back and got a glass cup from the cabinet then, filled it with the coffee. "You 're the same as the other guy, only coffee. Our

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