The 's Presence Of Latin America

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"Hezbollah 's presence in Latin America is growing and the organization remains the premiere terrorist organization in the world." - Douglas Farah

Iran’s use of Hezbollah as a proxy is much akin to China using North Korea, however, the former is much more in stride with one another than the latter. It is said that where Iran goes, Hezbollah is not far behind.

In order to run an international terrorist organization you need money. Despite receiving the majority of funding from Iran, Hezbollah began working in Latin America in the mid-1980s. Once established in a near lawless region along the tri-border area of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, Hezbollah began to commit acts of piracy, money laundering, counterfeiting, and drug
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As Iran gains political ties in South America, Hezbollah is given more freedom to operate. Jewish and Sunni personnel will continue to be targeted throughout the region. The “alliance” with Los Zetas could lead to cross border attacks into the United States. The world is aware of Iran’s nuclear ambitions and U.S. State Department officials believe Venezuela “has allowed Iran to mine uranium.” Would Iran share a nuclear weapon with Hezbollah? With numerous fighters and a deep coffers, Hezbollah is ready to strike worldwide at a moment’s notice.

I agree, the enemy of my enemy is my friend...but that equilateral triangle can be turned on any side. Hopefully all muslim parties in the region put aside their differences and turn towards the United States and think the same thing. Yes, the US is supporting Iranian forces in Iraq and the Free Syrian Army in the fight against ISIS but for how long and to what end? If and when ISIS is eliminated, then what? Will the US cut ties the way we did after the Russians pulled out of Afghanistan? Who do we support after the threat of ISIS is gone? Saudi Arabia is a Sunni nation and our strongest ally in the region but, as you stated above, we are helping the Shia muslims fight back. How will this effect future relations with Saudi Arabia and other Sunni countries? For decades, the Middle East has been a hot bed for one conflict after another. Countries like Russia, China, and North Korea are using
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