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We live in one of the poorest and under performing school districts in the Portland area right now. For this reason, my wife and I have decided that we will be homeschooling our son Davyn. Since I was home schooled as a kid, I know how difficult it can be for maintaining and developing a social circle. The scope of this paper will be Davyn’s social and cognitive development. While as his father I have a vested interest in his development at all levels, for the sake of brevity I will be concentrating on these two developmental aspects.
The context in which I will be promoting my son’s development will be both teacher and father. This is noteworthy because I will be taking a more active role in my sons learning than most
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We are already using the technique of scaffolding to get him ready to read. He 's working on sight words and simple letter sounds for the past month or two and has started to be able to read very simple words, which is pretty impressive for a three year old. Right now, we are working on his emotional regulation, because that 's the stage in life he is at. This is one of those times where nature may be coming in to play as he has a high emotionality and is also soft spoken like his parents. We have been very careful to validate his feelings and have been working with him on how to comfort himself when he is upset. It 's been a little hard for him, because he is still at the stage where sad and angry are very difficult to separate, and he doesn 't quite have the words for feelings even though he has a decent vocabulary. Since emotional expression is a very important step in his social progression, we are making sure that his voice is heard and that he feels safe and comfortable talking about how he feels at any given moment. This has been a challenge in his daycare. Since he is so soft spoken, he is often overlooked and most likely picked on in large groups and is only noticed by adults when he acts out. While we can 't control the daycare, we are working on increasing his social interactions with friends and play dates, and really encouraging him to ask for what he wants. We have also enrolled him in a summer T ball camp so we can help him
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