The 's Theory Of Evolution

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With one discovery, the battles began. When Galileo published a book defending Copernicus’ idea that the Earth revolves around the sun, he was put on trial by the Catholic Church. This scientific finding threatened the beliefs and teachings of religious institutions, which was the first battle in a never ending war. Today, America exercises freedom of religion. However, this freedom is restricted in schools where Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is taught. With many advancements in science, to many, the coexistence of science and religion, specifically Christianity, is questionable. To some, developments in science, such as evolution, threaten the core beliefs of religious institutions. Several scientists also believe that it is possible to believe in God and that humans evolved over time. Lastly, others, including me, believe that science and religion can coexist and that both miracles and new scientific discoveries can strengthen Christian faith. As Albert Einstein said, “science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” This paper will further explore this question and provide evidence that science and religion can coexist: are science and religion comparable? What do scientific discoveries say?
In the beginning, there was light. This light created a spark, which started the fire of science and religion. The light is the existence of science, the spark is the advancements in and applications of science, and the fire is the controversy that

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