The 's Theory Of Evolution

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As times changed from rural work to the industrial era, the questions of society and individuality arose, bringing up theories from past figures such as Charles Darwin and his arguments on the real ancestors of humans, Immanuel Kant on enlightenment, and Jean-Paul Sartre on existentialism. With the rise of modernism and various forms of reform, the public came to question the religious truth of the Bible and looked to philosophers for answers, re-evaluating the meaning of mankind and the individuality of each person. These theories have revolutionized the modern concepts of the rise of man and brought about different outlooks on thinking that still holds true to this day.
With Darwin’s theories of evolution, he challenged the opinions of religious institutions at the time and brought up questions regarding man’s ancestors and the innate qualities of man. Contrary to the idea that the Bible was the definite truth, Darwin believed that humans descended from a lower organism which appeared to be barbaric in ancient times who exhibited traits that people couldn’t accept at the time. Darwin proposed that unlike the previously thought notion that the human species didn’t change, Darwin believed that throughout many years, In his papers about the pre-human within humans, Darwin argued that humans and monkeys were once descended from a shared ancestor with man descending into ruthless savages. At the time, Darwin called for the public to acknowledge the lowly origin
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