The 's Theory Of Intelligence

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Scenario 1
According to intelligence models proposed by Binet, Wechsler, and Gardner, Wanda 's level of intelligence would vary based on each researcher.

- Binet 's concept of intelligence revolves mainly around the idea that it is, in fact, an overall ability in relation to mental functions, including memory, ability to reason, vocabulary, capability to remain attentive, and perceptual judgement. He also proposes that intelligence is age related, and that with age, individuals become more intelligent, and their thought processes more complex than that of those younger than them. Based off of Binet 's key determinants of intelligence, Wanda would most likely not fall within the category of being intelligent. Being unable to show capability in terms of mental functions, due to failing academic tests at school, would prove to render her unequal to those within the same age group in terms of intelligence. Her excellence in relation to dance abilities is irrelevant to Binet 's elements of what makes up intelligence. Overall, based off these key factors, Wanda would not be seen as intelligent by Binet.

- Wechsler 's concept of intelligence is that an individual should have the, ‘global and aggregate capacity to act purposefully, think rationally, and deal effectively with the environment’. He proposes that both verbal and performance abilities are important factors in making up intelligence. Wechsler proposes four key elements in determining whether or not behaviour is…
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