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Total Rewards Within every organization there is some kind of pay plan or salary rates and plans for which employees fall within what grades. As well as those salary figures, many of the bigger companies have instituted bonus plans or incentives for their employees after a being with the company for a certain amount of time. These are things that are pretty common to us in society today. With that, today throughout this short paper I would like to take a moment to highlight was broad banding is, share the bonus system within the King Company and highlight FMLA versus the King companies leave policies. Then I will discuss King’s time off policy. Finally I will briefly discuss this issues with one of the employee who was mistakenly…show more content…
The company offers a numerous amount of benefits to their employees to include paid health coverage. With everything some people are going to complain. However, despite all of those complaints, some employees do well with King’s benefits package. The company supports retirement savings by matching employee contributions to their 401 (k) accounts at about 50% of the employees contributions up to a maximum contribution of 5 % of the employees’ annual salary. They receive pay when they are on vacation or sick in which any time that is not used can be carried over for a certain amount of years. As if those bonus perks are enough, there have worked to get a tuition reimbursement for work-related college courses. It’s unfortunate that many people within the organization don’t take advantage of these benefits, and it’s even worse because there could be a change to end this in the future. They can already afford as a company to have a low salary rate due to such high amount of benefits they give their employees. It could improve maybe by increasing the leave benefits. When you talk about cutting salary, it has to give somewhere in reference to what you can do for them in result of taking things away. I think the bonus system is not bad at all and I don’t really see it being able to be replaced unless there is an option for the salary to increase. FMLA
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