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Saudi Telecom Company (STC) established in 1998. It is the largest company in the Middle East, and the fourteenth worldwide. STC provides different services to their customers, landline services, mobile services and internet services. It had been ranked the most valuable brand in the Middle East, according to UK-based consultancy Brand Finance (TeleGeography, 2014). Hard work and good performance management is the reason why they are at this place right now. In this paper I will provide a review of STC’s vision, mission and strategy plan. Then I’ll present the alignment degree between the strategy and performance management of human resources. At the end, I’ll show my insight and thoughts to enhance those alignments. STC’s Vision and…show more content…
They know that the world is changing and the technology sector rapidly evolving, and this market needs a leader who jumps upon opportunities. Strategic Planning and Management Process STC strategy was based on the six key dominions that are the most critical to the company. First, lead the consumer data market with strong focus on profitability. Second, lead the Enterprise and Government ICT markets in the Middle East. Third, emphasis on capable people, empowered to perform. Fourth, drive efficiency. Fifth, follow strategic investments to support development objectives. Sixth, form win-win Government outcomes (STC, n.d.). Through those strategies we can see that the most important things to STC are their customer and to keep being the leader in the ICT in Saudi aria and the Middle East. According to their organization chart, STC is based on hierarchical arrangements. In this arrangement different departments tend to work together to fulfill the organization goal. This arrangement enhances the feeling of loyalty toward the organization among the employees (Widhiastuti, 2012). Leaders also work together to in order to reach to the more suitable and profitable decision that will also serve the customers’ needs. Referencing STC’s strategic planning, we see that each department of the organization is working together towards produce different type of services to their
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