The scene opens to a fatigued Willy Loman returning home after an unsuccessful business trip. His

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The scene opens to a fatigued Willy Loman returning home after an unsuccessful business trip. His wife Linda, worried over Willy's state of mind and recent car accident, offers up explanations of his current state, diverting from the thought of his senility and pressures him to rest. Willy grumbles to Linda that their son, Biff, has yet to create a life for himself. Despite Biff's promise as a star athlete in high school, he failed senior year math and never attended college, seeming to wander aimlessly. Biff and his brother Happy, who are temporarily staying with Willy and Linda after Biff's unexpected return from the west, reminisce about their childhood together in their old room; they discuss their father's mental deterioration, which…show more content…
Willy, Happy, and Biff meet for dinner at a restaurant for an intended celebration of Biff’s new life outlook, but Willy refuses to hear bad news from Biff. Happy attempts to get Biff to lie to their father in order to pacify him. Biff tries to tell him what happened, as Willy gets angry at his son’s failure and absorbs into a flashback of what occurred in Boston the day Biff came to see him. Willy had been having an affair with a receptionist on one of his sales trips when Biff unexpectedly arrived at Willy's hotel room. A stunned Biff angrily confronted his father, calling him an impostor and a fraud. From that moment, Biff's views of his father change and set Biff adrift in life. Biff leaves the restaurant in frustration, followed by Happy and two girls that Happy has picked up. They leave Willy behind in the restaurant absorbed in his flashback. When they later return home, their mother angrily confronts them for abandoning their father while Willy remains outside, talking to himself. Biff goes outside in attempt to reconcile with Willy. The discussion quickly escalates into another dispute, at which point Biff forcefully tries to convey to his father that he is not meant for anything great, insisting that
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