The sequence and rate of development

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Understand Child and Young Person Development Understand the expected pattern of development for children and young people from birth – 19 years Each child and young person will follow an expected pattern of development, focusing mainly the skills they are learning rather than the physical growth. Although when discussed the development of children it focuses on the skills it is undeniable that both skills and growth of children and young people are linked and will impact on the development on the child. Development of children and young people are describe in five different areas; physical, cognitive, communication, social and emotional and moral development. Physical development describes the development of the physical movements.…show more content…
When held upright so their feet are touching the floor a baby at this age will take stepping movements as a reflex movement rather than conscious stepping. Within their first month babies development changes dramatically. They have usually developed into a pattern with most of their time sleeping but starting to spend more time awake. They will cry to communicate their needs with their parents starting to understand the different types of cry indicating the different needs. A baby will starting to recognise the parents or carers voices and may calm when they hear this and will be noticeably trying to focus on the face of the person who is holding them and are able to focus at a range of 20 – 25cm. As a baby progresses to about 3 months old the child would have grown in both height and weight. Babies may have learnt the difference between night and day and may be able to sleep through the night. It is important to note that not all babies develop at the same rate and so not all babies may be sleeping through the night. Parents and carers are more able to understand the differences between their babies cry and hence babies begin to cry less. Due to babies beginning to understand the difference between night day babies will begin to sleep less and start to seam more alert. A baby may be able to lift and turn their heads and notice objects around them such as mobiles. Babies will start to show they recognise their
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