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The shining mountain
Assignment 2: Characterization of Pangma-La’s father

Pangma-La’s father is a dynamic person. He has been described by many as: P18 l 8 ”Now there’s a hard man, there’s a hero”.
He was a hard man to please. She always strived to please her father, and wanted his acceptance. He had really high expectations to his daughter, and always has had(and he has always had).
P 19 l 32 “My daughter and I do not need porters,” Pangma-La’s father said proudly. “We are strong and we will climb the mountain alone.”
Not considering his daughters (daughter’s) needs, and this shows how he held his head higher than his and Pangma-La’s actual needs.
Pangma-La’s father tried to prove how strong he was, knowledgeable and fearless
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P 21 l 33 “The Pangma-La’s father saw that his daughter had given her life away just to please him, and he cursed himself and his heart’s desire, and ran to the edge of the mountain to cast himself off.”
As the man realised his mistake, he wanted to kill himself because the burden of losing his daughter, would be too much. He realised that he was strong, but he had a weak point in his daughter.
P 22 l 1 “At this Pangma-La’s father fell on his knees and for the first time wept hot tears like any human.”
By realising the sincerity of losing his daughter, the mountain goddess by her generosity and kindness, grants the strong man his daughter and her love again.

En ulykke kommer sjældent alene/ It never rains, but it pours.

That year there had been a series of crises for the city council. First the workers from the biggest steelwork in town went on strike. The news media wrote about scuffles by the gates to the steelwork. Two hundred policemen had to make sure, that the busses with the scabs could enter the factory area.

Shortly after some anglers discovered, that many fish were dead of poisoning, and that there was (were) almost no salmon left in the river. The specialists made several analyses of the situation and collected all the relevant information, but after 3 weeks there still hasn’t been any progress.(There still hasn’t been any
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