The significance of anger in Of Mice and Men Essay

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The significance of anger in Of Mice and Men In Steinbeck’s novel ‘Of Mice and Men’, anger is a frequent occurrence. Anger is either arouse by anxiety, trepidation or jealousy. Anger seems to always revolve around Lennie, as he is the source of anger, whether it is towards him, because of him, or from him. The first character to show anger is Lennie’s partner, George. We see very early in the novel that anger is shown towards Lennie. George is angry that in reality he doesn’t have what Lennie asks for, but due to Lennie’s innocence they are suppose to have it. Georges tells Lennie, “Well we ain’t got no ketchup!” George’s anger is clearly shown through frustration: “Whatever the hell. This suggest he preferred Lennie wasn’t around…show more content…
Lennie always shows a soft side of himself so Curley assumes he is an easy target, using this as an opportunity to beat him, the biggest guy on the ranch. So, he would have become more intimdating to other people on the ranch: “What the hell you laughin’ at?...Come on, ya big bastard. Get up on your feet. No big son of a bitch is gonna laugh at me. I’ll show ya who’s yella.”. Hence, Curley is always picking fights with Lennie as he is always mad whenever he sees Lennie as he is always comparing himself to Lennie and unable to prove himself that he is the strongest on the ranch. In conclusion, anger has a great impact on the novel as it portrays the feelings of the character within themselves, whether is be all the time or unexpectedly of being frustrated, annoyed or scared. Anger in the book also reflects upon the people during the Great Drepression or the American Dream, unable to fulfill their dreams how much they tried or injustice. Not just back in the 1930s, even our society today is filled with anger from unfairness or people’s
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