The system and language of the English system Essay

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The Systems and Language Skills of English 1. The best teachers are the confident and prepared teachers. To be a successful English teacher you need a good knowledge of the topic. Clearly, communication with students is essential in effective teaching. To communicate successfully, teachers must know how to structure their own language for maximum clarity and have strategies for understanding what students are saying since understanding student talk is key to analysis of what students know, how they understand, and what teaching moves would be useful. Possessing basic understanding of the nature of the language means the teacher must be aware of the history of the language as well as the structure of the language. The Structural…show more content…
It often happens in everyday classrooms that some students are more confortable or excel in some skills rather than others. It is the teacher’s job to enforce the weaker linguistic skills. 2. Application of the language System and skills: The imaginary application of what was just covered consists in: You have just received a new student from Korea who wants to study English prior to entering a university in the U.S. The student takes the placement test, which is all grammar and vocabulary and mostly multiple choice. She scores quite high; however, she does not speak very well and has difficulty understanding even the simplest spoken language. What balance of the four skills and the four systems would you recommend for her study program? For example, would you focus on reading and writing or utilize her strengths in grammar to introduce topics, but make the exercises mostly listening and speaking? Would you focus on function, pronunciation, productive skills because the test was multiple choice and not a fair assessment of her success in a university with writing papers and listening to lectures? Explain what an appropriate balance would be. How did you reach that recommendation? Having passed her multiple choice well she probably needs less of grammar and vocabulary review. I would concentrate on listening and speaking. I would also work on writing knowing that in University there will be a lot of paper writing. A lot of practice
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