The term ‘communication’ comes from the Latin word ‘communicare’, means to impact, share or make

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The term ‘communication’ comes from the Latin word ‘communicare’, means to impact, share or make common (Peter 1999). To communicate (1988) is to produce messages and links people together. Communication plays an important role in our daily life as it allows people share and exchange understandings and it can improve individual’s personality (Prabha 2013), good communication skills also benefits to business. According to Carey (1988), a cultural approach states communication is not only transferring the contents to people, it is more likely to share symbols to others. In addition, the approach shapes the image of the real world and it tends to study the significance of the meaning of individual and collective activities. As a result, the…show more content…
To draw a map for a kid to go to school is also the way of symbolic communication, because the map represents the environment and then transfers to a guide. “Reality is brought into existence, is produced, by communication—by, in short, the constructions, apprehension and utilization of symbolic forms” said by Carey (1988), which explain the communication as the creation of reality. Depending on the ritual viewl of communication theory, the process of communication enables the social transformation and the approach has a great impact on human life. In Rothenbuhler’s (2006) “communication as ritual”, he argued that communication is ritual as it is special and powerful. It is about sharing understandings and focused on two main categories which “both the explicit use of communication in formal rites and ceremonies and to often-implicit communicative consequences of the formal elements of everyday activities.” Communication, as a noun it refers to the ‘most common, mundane human experience‘ (Carey 1988). Greeting is one of the most common ritual of communications intentionally made by human in their daily life, it is a ceremony can be performed between individuals or groups in both verbal and non-verbal way. Greeting is not only a signal but also carry information about people’s relationship, reduce uncertainties and structure the ensuring dialogue. As a

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