The thighs are a problem area to many people, especially women who tend to store fat in their lower

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The thighs are a problem area to many people, especially women who tend to store fat in their lower bodies. Solely slimming your thighs isn't possible -- spot reduction doesn't work. (See References 1, p. 8) In addition to a healthy diet, cardio and strength training can help burn calories and stimulate muscle tissue, resulting in full-body weight loss that also slims your problem area. By intensifying your workouts you can get fast results and slimmer thighs in no time. How Much, How Fast The Weight-Control Information Network favors weight loss of no more than 2 pound per week. They state that faster weight loss is dangerous to your health, and the results are often short-lived; the weight is quickly gained back. (See References 2)…show more content…
(See References 4) Include exercises that emphasize your upper legs. For instance, do one set of lunges, followed by one set of pushups and crunches. Then perform a set of squats, bench presses and step-ups. Cycle through the circuit up to three times. For an extra cardio benefit, incorporate short cardio into the circuit. For instance, jump rope or do jumping jacks. For Your Consideration Changing your diet can help you reduce your caloric intake and contribute to weight loss. Small dietary changes can have big impact. Reducing portion sizes, skipping fattening desserts, and replacing high-calorie foods, such as chips and cookies, with healthy, lower-calorie alternatives, such as air-popped popcorn and fruit, is a good start. (See References 5) Before making these changes, and before starting an exercise routine, check with your doctor to ensure that your planned regimen is safe for your physical condition. Key Concepts slimming down thighs lose thigh inches fast slim thighs slim thighs fast References Weight Training for Life; James Hesson [] Weight-Control Information Network: Weight-Loss and Nutrition Myths []
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