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Camalae Thomas Deviance and Social Control 5 April 2011 The Three Perspectives Every interaction that occurs is a product of societal teachings of what is considered deviant. It has a hand in every aspect of a person’s actions and emotions. The teaching of society dictates when it is appropriate to initiate the use of a certain action and express a particular emotion so that no act of deviance occurs. These teachings of deviance are made under this notion to understand people who act different from the social norm. This creates the question, why do these acts of deviance occur or why is this person a deviant? Society uses the question why, as a basis to create theoretical perspectives regarding deviance and social control to…show more content…
When the idea of performing deviance is brought about then it are associated with the devil. Scare tactics such as public hanging internalizes this fear of deviant acts. God is taught to be this absolute being in whose is our creator. Society says that the deviance committed is a defile of God will. But who really know what God’s will is? Nobody knows the will of God but an interpretation of a man in power was able to spread his interpretation as absolute in the beliefs of what God wants. This is another facet of social control taken place during Christian demonology. The connection between the Christian demonology and state forms of power is very evident. Due to the time in which this perspective is established the state forms of power is intertwined with the perspective. The separation of church and state is has not come into play, even after the law was put into play it took decades to get rid of the integration of religion in making lawful decision. With the integration of religion in making it dictated laws that reflected the interpretation of the bible that majority followed. With this thought being instituted in such a wide spread form of social control it will sway people in the way of believing there interpretations of what is the correct and what is considered deviant. With such prevalent expression of what would happen if you were what was considered a deviant, one of two ways would make people follow that hegemonic circle. People would be
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