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The uncertainties of measurements using a ruler, caliper, and spring scales.
Isaiah Gonzales, Roman Acuna
September 19, 2014
Abstract: The experimenters conducted a total of four mini labs. In each lab they had to find measurements dealing with different instruments such as a ruler, caliper, stopwatch, and two spring scales of different newtons. The objective in each experiment was to record and measure different objects and to also give advantages and uncertainties when dealing with different instruments. The experimenters found that each instrument comes with an uncertainty. When dealing with a ruler, the measurement can be very accurate but is not as precise as a caliper. The caliper was the most precise instrument that the
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In the final experiment, Density of the Mass Set, the experimenters used the vernier caliper to lead them to the volume of some of the figures in the mass set, and this eventually led them to find the density.
Materials: Mass Set
Vernier Caliper
10 N Spring Scale
Procedures: Step one: The experimenters used the vernier caliper to measure the height of a 100 g mass(from the mass set).
Step two: They recorded the height on the table and included an uncertainty.
Step three: The experimenters repeated the process to measure the diameter of the 100 g mass.
Step four: The experimenters calibrated the 10 N spring scale, and confirmed the mass of 100 g mass.
Step five: Then they recorded the mass and uncertainty onto the table.
Step six: After this, they used the equation, Density = Mass/Volume, to find the density of the 100 g mass and recorded it onto the table.
Table 1: Ruler and Caliper Measurements
Object Ruler Caliper
Measurement(cm) Uncertainty (cm) Measurement (cm) Uncertainty (cm)
Marble Diameter 1 cm it could be 1.1 cm 1.004cm it could be 1.005 cm
Washer (Outer Diameter) 1.8 cm it could be 1.9 1.503 cm it could possibly be 1.504 cm
Washer (Inner Diameter) .8 cm it could be 0.93 cm .8 cm .812 cm
Washer Thickness .1 cm .09 cm .10 cm .101 cm
String Length 609.6 609.59 609.6 609.59
Styrofoam® Cup Height 9 cm 9.01 cm 9 cm 9.01 cm
Results: Experiment part one results-
When measuring with the ruler, the experimenters

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