The way in which others view us often shapes our identity Essay example

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The way in which others view us often shapes our identity`

The way in which others perceive us can occasionally play a part in the shaping our identity. Our teenage years and our desire to belong both significantly impact who we are today. However, in saying that, it’s evident that as we mature the opinions and views of other become less relevant and are less likely to affect our sense of identity. Your identity defines who you are and is something influenced by various contributing factors.
Teenage years are the time of a person’s life when they really start exploring their identity, who they are and who they want to be. During these years it can be hard trying to figure out who you are and where you belong, with the constant
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As you mature the opinions and views of others are less likely to have any impact on the shaping of your identity. I believe this is because as you mature you have developed not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well, and as a result of this you are more comfortable in the person you are. As spoken about in Artificial Maturity by Tom Elmore, a mature person is unshaken by compliments or criticism, they can receive either without letting it ruin or sway them into a misleading view of themselves, they are confident in their identity. The perception another may have on a mature person rarely interferes with or changes how they see themselves.
Our identity can sometimes be shaped by the way others see us. As we have seen, the way in which others view us can have some sort of impact on how we see ourselves. There are also other contributing factors such as our years of adolescence, the basic human need of wanting to belong and maturing; all play an equally important part in the forming of our character and who we are. On balance it appears that there is not only one influence in the shaping of our identity, but there are many.

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I wish to convey to the reader that although the opinions of others can impact the shaping of our identities, there are other factors that also make a contribution. I chose these 3 topics to talk about because of their relevance to the topic of
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