The year 2006, Marketing Plan for The Body Shop International

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The year 2006 Marketing Plan for The Body Shop International consists of: The view of present company situation. Company managed to successfully market itself for 3 decades as well as expand very fast through retail franchising model. Constant product development has shown positive results in sales. Trading relationships with communities in need has enabled company to outsource high quality sustainable and relatively cheap materials. Growth Model. Acquisition of independent "The Body Shop" franchisee stores In Hong Kong and Canada is expected to marginally increase stakeholder value. As well, company plans to open 120 new stores in four regions. Current Marketing Strategy. The Body Shop employed "green marketing"…show more content…
( SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS * First mover advantage * Strong product development * Strong Brand Name * The Body Shop at Home * Trade Not Aid program First mover advantage The company was the first to manufacture and market naturally inspired skin and hair care products. The company also revolutionized the concept of ethical treatment of animals by not testing cosmetics and other personal care products on animals. Though the company's concept was copied by other competitors in the years to come, the company still retained high brand recognition and the first mover advantage. Strong product development The company has a strong product development program which enables it to maintain a healthy pipeline of products. The company built on the success of its ingredient-led Bath and Body range with the extension of the range into new variants such as Ultra Smooth Face Base, Global Fragrance collection; and the New Everyday Aromatherapy range. Strong Brand Name The name of The Body Shop has strong loyalty from its customers and worldwide recognition for its commitment to the environment and its superior products. The Body Shop at Home Home selling has proven to offer great synergy with the store-based business and to be highly successful in the UK and US and in Mexico. "Trade Not Aid" program The company has a unique procurement program which provides it access to low

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