Theater And Religion Essay

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Theater and religion are closely related to each other because of what they portray. Both in a theater setting or a church service setting, there is acting or something related.
What is theater? Theater is a collaborative form of fine art that uses live performers, normally actors presenting a live or fake experience of a real or fake event in front of a live audience in a room, and normally up on a stage. The bare- essentials for a theater to be successful are, the audience, the actors, a stage to perform on, and a story. Getting people together in one place to watch a group of actors, led by the director, act out a true or fictional story takes experience; but, it also takes talent. The role has to fit with the actors personality. If an actor has a dull personality, do not put that actor in a role where the actor must have a very bright and outgoing personality.
Theater and religion, how do they correlate with each other? Some people may think the only thing the church and the theater have in common is that with both places, the audience sits in a dark room while listening to and watching someone. While that
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The church has many different types of denominations which bring different types of people. The theater has many different types of people with the different types of roles that need to be filled. Whether those rolls be in a play where there is singing and dancing or a play of rolls that are very serious and emotional. Every play has to have emotion or there would be no play with an audience. The audience is looking for meaning in the character. They are looking for a character that is not just acting it out, but a character that is living what that character in the play is living. A great example of theater with religion is the movie and book, “The Chronicles of Narnia”. This story acts out religion. The showing of Jesus’s “Aslan”, incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection for his
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