Theater As An Actor And Makes You Better?

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Theater has taught me many skills and many new inventive ways to use them in the world I live in. Many may not know that theater is just one of those fields you can use not only on the stage but also in your personal life. There is so much philosophy and principles to think about when it comes to theater and you think to yourself, how I am supposed to use this in the world I live in today, and even in my career as an actor. Theater has taught me to take life by the hand and practice, going over the same thing over and over again may seem restless but in the world of theater it seems to keep developing you as an actor and makes you better and better. Theater has always been a source to relieve my stress and just a place for me to throw all…show more content…
The Primary Tenets of Aristotle were simple but yet very serious, they stood on the ground of many principles. The Good Character, Good Character is developed through practice of everyday living and becomes better over time as it is practiced. “The sequence of human behavior raises the question of which is preeminent--acts or dispositions. Their interaction is broken by Aristotle 's distinction between acts which create good dispositions and acts which flow from the good disposition once it has been created.” The rule of Good character is that every action has a reaction, the results are highly relative to the individual and the circumstances. The next one is pleasure, which is the natural accompaniment of unimpeded activity. Pleasure, as such, is neither good nor bad. Even so, pleasure is something positive and its effect is to perfect the exercise of activity. Everything from playing chess to making love is improved with skill. Friendship a person 's relationship to a friend is the same as the relation to oneself. The friend can be thought of as a second self. The Contemplative Faculty--the exercise of perfect happiness in intellectual or philosophic activity. Reason is the highest faculty of human beings. We can engage in it longer than other activities. Aristotle had very
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