Theater At The Mgm Grand Hotel

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Hyung-Min Kim David Gorshein Theater 10 2 July 2015 Essay 1 In our lives, most people have watched and experienced many performances or theaters. Theater is one of the most popular entertainments that have stood the test of times. When we talk about theater, it generally means a variety of art forms. However, all these forms have common elements. While approaching a performance Ka show at the MGM Grand Hotel, the following says that theater is a unique art form which includes collaboration between performers and the audience. Wilson & Goldfarb (2012) suggest that all theater performances have six common elements without which “an event ceases to be theater and becomes a different art form and a different experience” (p. 9). These elements are performers, audience, director, theater space, design aspects, and text (Wilson & Goldfarb, 2012). We can conclude that all those were obvious in the performance from a closer consideration. In theater, the role of performers can be barely undervalued, as “Acting is at the heart of all theater” (Wilson & Goldfarb 11). In order to create a great performance, an actor is expected to have a native talent as well as to be involved in the ongoing improvement of professional skills (Stanislavski 28). I was able to test the validity of this assertion during the performance. Since I am not a native English speaker, I was not able to understand the whole text. However, due to the fact that facial expressions and gestures of the actors were

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