Theater Observation Essay

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All my life I have enjoyed the art of theater, so when my assignment was to watch a show I was excited. My friend Sigrid was doing a production in the theater of the Florida International University that was a mixed medium show. Not only was it a play but it was also a dance and concert all at the same time. Not technically a musical but it did have each element one at a time. The show was called A Sea Challenge, A Response to Global Threat. The show dealt with real life events happening to our planet as we speak. It started with a demonstration of how the earth was hundreds of years ago, with all of the animals happy and living their lives. It progressed and they showed the time fast forwarding to when cars were invented and then airplanes,…show more content…
I felt so bad, she must have been so nervous. I can honestly say this play made me feel helpless as a human being, as they transitioned into showing what us humans have done to our planet and how it not only effects us but our animals, nature and future children, it hit close to home. I’ve always loved our planet and all of its animals, I was vegetarian for six years and proud and always spreading the word of recycling and love for our home. I know how some people are and they really do not care about any of it and it’s so sad. The play really made me feel for our planet and encouraged me to really make a change and spread the word. One scene mentioned a careless human saying “The planet still has years before it really diminishes, why should I care if I’m not going to be alive by then?” After every scene there would be a dance number between two girls and above us in the actual theater would be actual singers making harmonies acapella and that’s what the dancers would dance to. To be honest I thought I was listening to a track, I only realized that they were singing when I turned around! They were amazing and I was so
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