Theater Technician Essay

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In the fine arts community there are many options of occupation from drawing and painting to singing and instruments and even the Theatre. In theatre there are many options past acting. You have lights, sounds, makeup and costume, set, stage manager, assistant stage manager, house manager, ushers, and director. As a theatre technician I would want to do it all but mostly costume, set, and sound. With costume design comes clothing design. You are given a character and you have to show who they are through clothing. Pulling things from the script is important as to find small information that could be used. It also helps to figure out what they go through, do they change clothes, do they roll through dirt. You’ll also need to know the time period to know what fashions we’re appropriate. If it's victorian what do the lower class wear, or the upper class, if you're working with old generals how were they presented. You also have…show more content…
Maybe it’s inside the building or outside. Are most buildings brick, is the furniture inside older, does it have certain required qualities. The more your set goes with the time period the play is in, the more your audience can get into it. The whole point of any design is to give you more on the story or characters. If your play is set for 1956 but your set looks 2016 it may not make any sense unless that’s the theme you’re going for. Design has many elements to keep in mind. How does the set go with the play? It has to make sense with the story. Building bigger sets will require a lot of support and you need to know that it can fit. Working with the space around you to figure the exact design is better than for bigger projects so you know your limitations. Smaller projects need to make a big impact to the audience, more detail would more likely be needed. You also have to consider the levels of your stage. Do you wants more ups and down available or do you want a flat
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