Theatre As A Tool For Preserving Heritage And Shaping History

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Theatre transcends throughout the ages. Music, dance, and voice combine to tell stories of wondrous fantasy and fantastical reality. But theatre is used for so much more than simply entertaining an audience for an hour or two. It is used as a tool for preserving heritage and shaping history. There are positive and negative aspects to every society, and theatre works to expose the negative and promote the positive through social change, interculturalism, and improvements to broken or nonexistent education systems.
Every society is flawed, and theatre helps to expose these flaws and provide a space for people to think about solutions to issues without consequences. One way theatre does this is through mimesis. In the University of Chicago’s Glossary of Media Theory, Michelle Puetz explains mimesis as a concept coined by the Ancient Greeks stating that all art imitates life, and that art is created primarily to bring about a social change (Puetz 2002). In “The Meaning in Mimesis: Philosophy, Aesthetics, Acting Theory”, by Daniel Larlham, mimesis is described as “a remarkably adaptable concept, but one that retains its coredenity that provided by the one to one schema across its various manifestations. Mimesis has surely been Western aesthetics’ most successful conceptual “meme” that is, an entity that has replicated itself within and across intellectual cultures with remarkable efficiency” (Larlham 6). In fact, famous British playwright, William Shakespeare, was raised on the

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