Theatre Is A Beautiful Thing

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Theatre is a beautiful thing; it brings people together, helps us create bonds and long-lasting connections, empowers us to bring alive the worlds people have only dreamed of and it helps us reach impossible feats, it also has the ability to help create a family of strangers with an abundance of talents. Another thing that theatre does is it brings people together to reach one common goal: Opening Night. In order to reach that goal, there has to be many hours, months, and even years of work in every area of theatre within the production team and all of the work that goes into a show doesn’t end until after closing night, when strike is all finished. Due to the amount of work that goes into a show, we recognize all of the different talents within the production team in one big event known as the Tony Awards. During the Tony Awards almost everyone in the production team gets recognized in their efforts in order to win a Tony Award, that is everyone but the Sound Designer. Sound Designers deserve the opportunity to earn a Tony as much as anyone else who is a part of making a production happen. In the year 2008, the American Theatre Wing and the Tony Awards Administration Committee gave the first Tony Award for Best Sound Design of a Play to Mic Pool for his sound designs for The 39 Steps and the first Tony Award for Best Sound Design of a Musical to Scott Lehrer for the show South Pacific and in the year 2014 they gave the final awards for Best Sound Design of a Musical

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