Thebes In Athenian Life

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317 BCE - Thebes Thebes, this place is so unique! I have arrived in a glorious time for Thebes, they have just own the battle of Leuctra that have just defeated the Spartan army. I don't think they know what they just acomplest! Out number both in calvary and infinity they were able to crush the Spartan forces only suffering 300, casualties with the Spartans sustained over 4,000! Can I just say that this the powerful spartan army the own that lives and breath war! After talking to some of the citizens this is how they pulled it off. During the Peloponnesian war Thebes allied itself with sparta but only fought the athenians to little effect. However there was lots of Spatain troops were stationed there so they could latter attack athens. Thebes watched their training cefaly there formations their weapons the whole shabang. They…show more content…
To be a member, you could be from any social class you are hand picked from the best of the best. There are only 300 at any given time. They are highly elte and can go toe, to toe the spartans or any other fighting force and win! There is one last thing that is unique about then they are all lovers. The Thebans thought that you would fight harder to protect your lover, and they were right. Thebis is the most powerful right now they there is no one that can challenge them grease in in the palm of their hand. However they way they emerge is the way they will fall. They have capher a man from the north a man called Phillip. Just like thebes did with spartans, Phillip study the Theban army and when he was released and returned to his home of macedonia. He would trains his army to exploit the Theban weakness. Phillip would invade all of greece and crush all of greece and exterminate the Sacred Band of Thebes. Philip's son Alexander would bern the city to the ground and enslave the whole population to get back at them for imprisoning his father. How ironic there rise of thebans would be there down fall I guess they had it coming
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