Their Eyes Are Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston Essays

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People are constantly searching for their voices. A voice gives someone independence and the ability to make her own decision. The First Amendment ensures that all United States citizens possess the freedom of speech; however, not all people are given the ability or opportunity to exercise that right. When a person has no voice they rely on others to make their decisions. Throughout Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Are Watching God, Janie constantly struggles to find her voice. Her marriage to Logan Killicks, Joe Starks, and Tea Cake help her discover and utilize her voice in different ways. During Janie’s first marriage to Logan she has no voice, Joe silences Janie’s tiniest whisper and controls her similar to a slave; in contrast to …show more content…
Her vision of love does not include manual labor instead it includes rest and relaxation. The voice inside Janie’s head tells her to run off with a different man, yet she is still unable to verbalize her needs and desires. Janie’s voice, however has grown from being silent to a tiny whisper, and with that small boost of courage, Janie overcomes her fears by sharing her thoughts of leaving with Logan. This marriage gave Logan a sense of security, but he fears the “terrible ache” of loneliness (30). When Janie reveals her plan to “run off” with another man and leave Logan, she puts fear in his heart and fills him with anger (30). Finally, after Janie chooses to use her voice, a tough decision lies ahead for her to make since Janie never discovers true love and happiness through her marriage with Logan. She comes to the realization that her marriage needs to end before she becomes a grown woman. Janie “has done lived Grandma’s way” and she desires a life of her own (114). This thought propels Janie to stand up for herself and decide to leave Logan and she uses her voice to confront Logan and notify him that she is leaving. Although Logan becomes furious and curses and yells at Janie, his outburst only seals his fate and makes Janie more confident in her decision to leave. Janie breaks free of Logan, and with her new found freedom, life is “bound to do her good” (32). Unlike her initial reaction to Logan, Janie is drawn to and
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