Their Eyes Were Watching God Analysis

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In the book Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie provides a recollection of her life to her friend when she arrives back home from Florida. She encountered and married three men on her way, two of which were because of the beliefs her grandmother imposed on her. Logan Killicks was her first husband and he did not respect her and all he did was provide her protection, like her Nanny wanted. Her second husband, Joe Starks was a refined and mature man who dressed nicely but also did not treat Janie well. Janie’s final husbands name was Vergible Woods, or Tea Cake, and he treated Janie with the utmost respect and loved and cared for her. All of these characters helped to develop the theme that Janie is in pursuit of a fulfilling and unconditional love.
The author uses the names of the characters to help the reader understand how the characters behave. Janie’s second husband has a simple, or stark outlook on life, hence the name, Joe Starks. He refuses to accomodate other people’s feelings even though his actions or ideas may be absolutely absurd or how his actions make the citizens of his town undergo a harder lifestyle. Jody uses his wealth and authority to make the people of the town jealous. He bought both him and Janie spitoons. This makes the townsfolk see them as priveledged (Hurston 49) This was also the case in his marriage to Janie. His personality caused their marriage to deteriorate and eventually fall apart until he died. Janie’s last marriage was to a man named
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