Their Eyes Were Watching God And The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Their Eyes Were Watching God and The Great Gatsby are both novels which came out of a similar era and deal with similar themes but these novels also have their differences. Both Eyes and Gatsby deal with the issue of social class, and within that issue there is an issue of gender which shows how mostly the female characters are being oppressed. This oppression does not allow them to fulfill their dreams like the male characters which is a crucial point since these novels are also about self fulfillment. Eyes and Gatsby are both novels which show insight to the issue of gender, mostly its effects on female characters, and how that affects their journey to self fulfillment, but Eyes takes a more straightforward approach to the issue than Gatsby which allows the female characters in Eyes to achieve self fulfillment quickly and fully.
While it can be seen there is a gender issue in Gatsby Fitzgerald sets it up in such a way that it is mostly overlooked compared to the other themes which are discussed. In the beginning of the novel Daisy and Jordan, two of the prominent female characters, are introduced as, “... two young women were buoyed up as though upon an anchored balloon.”(Fitzgerald 8). This quote does serve a purpose as an introduction and could almost be overlooked but it also shows readers that no matter how much Daisy and Jordan try and climb to higher dreams and opportunities they will always be anchored down. Another quote which shows how subtle the gender issue is…
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