Their Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Neale Character Analysis

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The tension between male and female figures is further used to promote Janie’s emotional growth and maturity. Janie’s inner confidence and reassurance did not develop overnight, as it took three painful marriages for Janie to find her inner strength. After her mesmerizing moment under the pear tree, she was persuaded into marrying Logan Kilicks thinking marriage always formed true love. Janie’s assumption of finally having the embrace she longed for in marriage however, was destroyed when she married him. Logan did not live up to the beauty that she saw in the tree, “she knew now that marriage did not make love. Janie’s first dream was dead, so she became a woman” (25). After marrying Logan, Janie realizes the reality of marriage and love.…show more content…
Here Hurston directly highlights the conflicts between male and female figures to show that Janie’s abusive relationship with Jody is used to build up strength and independence within herself. When she finally found this hidden strength within her, she no longer struggled to find her own voice. Janie’s assertion of her control and power marks the beginning of her awakened reassurance. When Jody loses his ability to exert his dominance and she takes control of their relationship, she starts heading towards the directions of her dreams. The conflicts between Janie and her marriages are ultimately used to demonstrate the growth of Janie’s emotional maturity and strength, as she finds the voice that was suppressed for so long by Jody and Logan. The strong sentiment that Hurston establishes in her relationship with Logan and Jody serves as the fuel for Janie to decide that personal growth and development as a woman will only occur when she breaks free from the mold that her marriages has put her in. The tension between male and female figures that Hurston highlights provide defining obstacles in Janie’s life that prompted her inner independence and
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