Their Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Neal Hurston

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Everyone in the world today whether is be now or later on in your life, hopes to find a special someone that can spent the rest on their life with and fall in love as well. In the Novel, Their eyes were watching god written by Zora Neal Hurston, this is exactly what the main character Janie goal is. Janie encounters three different man she hopes to achieve her life goals and fall in love with. Each relationship that she experiences differs due to the different cultural context present or brought by each man. The relationship that stands out the most to me is her second relationship with Joe Starks(Jody). Janie is introduced to Jody when she is working outside and see him walking past. She is instantly faltered, and lets down her long hair to show she in interested in him. Jody notices her, and makes his feeling towards her apparent. He tells her to meet him the next morning, if she is interested to start a new life with him. The next morning, she meets him in the morning, and this begins their new relationship together. In this novel, Jody surrounds Janie with a cultural context containing a lack of respect, companionship and authority in marriage which restricts janie from truly expressing her love for him.
The first cultural context represent to Janie by Jody is the lack of respect for her as a women and human being. This is first seen when Jody and Janie reach their new town, and Jody buys new property and a store for the town. For the grand opening of the store, Joe
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