Their Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Neale Hurston

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“Woman is the mule of the world”, Zora Neale Hurston once quoted in her famous novel “Their Eyes were Watching God.” For centuries this statement has proven as true; it’s even more accurately seen through the lives of African American women in past decades. What Toni Morrison displays in her novel Beloved is a glimpse into the harsh realities of life as an African American enslaved woman who endures the tragedies of rape, torment, and the pains of choosing to sacrifice her own child for the sake of freedom. African American women were oppressed at a much greater level because they were women that bore the responsibilities of childbirth and the strain of fulfilling the economic needs during the slave trade. Morrison’s literature captures…show more content…
“ One of the most damaging effects of the dual oppression of black women, against which Morrison writes is the murder of one’s own child”, ( Banumathi 4). The decision that Sethe made is one that she has never fully recovered from, even while in her home Sethe did everything to try to accommodate this spirit that was her daughter she wanted her to understand and empathize with her decision to take her life.
“Was it hard? I hope she didn’t die hard, Sethe shook her head, soft as cream, being alive was the hard part,” (6).The conversation between Paul D and Sethe concerning Baby Suggs death is an indicator that women had harder lives, that sometimes death was often viewed as better than being alive, which equated to the sacrifice of Sethe killing Beloved. African American women endured the hardships of slavery often times having their children ripped from their wombs and traded right before their eyes. Rape was also a common factor for many African American women who often became the obsession of many of the slave masters. In the movie roots it displayed a similar instance to Sethe’s life when Kizzy was brought to the plantation and raped by the slave master, she then bore him a son who was forced to live his life working under the slave master who was also
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