Janie Character Analysis

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Tryphena Jeyakumar
10th Honors Literature
Ms. Cooney, 4th period
August 2017
Complex Character Analysis Battles and fights are some examples of conflict in most fictional stories. They can be many different fights, like the epic battle between good and evil, or a kingdom defending their land from enemies. When people think of the word ‘battle’, they may think of climatic sword fights and war. But sometimes, battles can take place inside of a person. Perhaps a character may have conflicting aspirations and desires that may cause an internal battle and maybe result in something catastrophic. Or perhaps a character has opposing personalities that might clash and cause something important to happen. In many works of literature, the writer
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As she protests against her guardian Nanny’s decision, she says, “Ah wants things sweet wid my marriage…” (Hurston 24). Janie hesitantly expresses her true feelings about her current relationship to Nanny, and her guardian tells her that love isn’t important in the relationship. Nanny clearly wants Janie to have wealth and status in the society, something that Nanny never had for herself. But even after Nanny passed away months later, Janie is doubtful if she will ever get his love. And as she leaves Logan for Joe hoping for a fresh start, her desire for love in a relationship grows stronger. She always though“Husbands and wives always love each other, and that [is] what marriage mean[s].” (Hurston 21). Janie knows that in her society she will have to submit under her husband, but her dreams of acceptance and love overshadow the negative aspects of being tied into marriage. A new opportunity arises as Janie befriends Joe Starks. To her, he seems like a promising person. Janie decides to marry him, and they move to a town called Eatonville where Joe becomes the mayor. All goes well, but only one thing. Whenever Janie is out in the public, Joe demands that she tie up her long hair, something that would attract attention from the others. Janie then finds herself being restrained from speaking out her protests. For many years, she holds back her complaints as Joe establishes himself as a godly figure, and using her merely as a possession to show off. And this is where
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