Their Eyes Were Watching God Critical Analysis

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An analysis of Zora Neale Hurston Their Eyes Were Watching God Certain goals or visions are often withheld for the simple fact that what we want sometimes does not look right in the eyes of people we hold dear. In The novel “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora neale hurston, skillfully uses characterization to vividly portray how gender superiority impacts one’s decisions in life. Janie Crawford the protagonist struggles trying to find who she is through the men she meets in her life because of the social construct society has built on what men and women should do, not allowing her to become who she really is. Her desire for mutual respect, acknowledgement , and love is brought down many times when the men she meets portray some sort…show more content…
In TEWWG Janie was like a caged bird figuring out whether or not life is more than just a compromise to a man. In life one always needs to know what is their purpose to further accept who they really are. Logan Killicks was a respectable man who fenced for himself in a time where African Americans had little to go off of. Because of his status and Janies irresistible looks Janie 's nanny took responsibility for marrying them both so that she could have a life in which her nanny can be proud of and where she can benefit from. Although his status was appealing, Janie was never entertained by him nor his high maintenance characteristic. In TEWWG it states that she “ hates de way his head is so long one way and so flat on the sides and dat pone uh fat back uh his neck.”(Hurston 24) This quote stresses how Janie did not find Logan attractive, leading her away from finding love. “Ah just as good as take you out de white folks’ kitchen and set you down on yo’ royal diasticutis and you take and low-rate me! Ah’ll take holt uh dat ax and come in dere and kill yuh! You better dry up in dere!” (Hurston 31). This quote elucidates how demanding Logan was, as well as how Janie let herself be controlled when he tells her to get out of his sight or he would in other words show her a lesson. These quotes are
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