Their Eyes Were Watching God

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In Catholic doctrine, the seven cardinal sins are the basis from which all the “sins” of humanity stem. In this system, any moral infraction a person may commit would be categorized under one of these seven sins (also known colloquially as the “seven deadly sins”). This system has been widely adapted throughout culture over the centuries, and is a common tool utilized to examine the actions of humans. In the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, the main character, Janie, enters into three marriages, two of which fail based on the failings of her husbands, and the third of which succeeds in spite of the failings of her husband. Each of these husbands, in fact, displays traits which fall under the cardinal sins, and the sin of pride in particular; even the third husband, Tea Cake, displays the very same sin, leading to the downfall of their marriage. The cardinal sins are “sins that characterize fallen humanity,” according to orthodox Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church in particular (ReligionFacts). While the Bible does include lists of sins, none of these lists align with the traditional “deadly” sins known today; the list of seven cardinal sins were actually created in the fourth century by a monk named Evagrius Ponticus (ReligionFacts). After several revisions, a list of cardinal sins fell into more popular use when poet Dante Alighieri used them in The Divine Comedy (ReligionFacts). According to modern interpretations of the list, the seven sins are as follows: 1)

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