Their Eyes Were Watching God Literary Devices

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In the novel “Their Eyes Were A Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston she uses a great variety of literary devices such as symbolism, figurative language, and characterization to engage the reader in her writing; and to help establish the theme she’s trying to portray. In the book, late teen Janie Crawford who is African-American, who happens to be pleasing to the eye returns back to Eatonville after leaving for a long period of time. She was being raised by her grandmother who then married her to a more mature and older farmer Logan. In this relationship Janie is very depressed and unhappy. Logan treated her like a slave and animal. This was until she met a man named Jody and she then run off with him. Getting in this relationship she believed she would be free and able to voice herself. But when they get into an argument Jody beats her. But Janie soon gets a glimpse of freedom once Jody dies. She thens meet Tea Cake and marry him nine months later. They had few hiccups but naturally they fell in love. So much love Tea Cake unknowingly gives his life away just to save Janie from a rabid dog. Janie felt empty returning back to Eatonville but then became one with Tea Cake. It took a long journey for her to find the real love she was looking for. The theme of Their Eyes Were Watching God is it takes trials and tribulations to find true love.

One literary devices used in “Their Eyes Were A Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston is symbolism. The presence of symbolism is tremendous. Hurston did a great job by using the game of checkers to symbolize unity and equality. The way Hurston portrayed the game of checkers, put a positive aspect on it. When I thought of the game of checkers I thought about a marriage. When Janie was asked to a game of checkers her body flowed with excitement, because this was the first time a man allowed her at the table with the guys and allowing her to play. “And she found herself glowing inside. Somebody wanted her to play. Somebody thought it natural for her to play.” (Hurston, 95-96) 10. Instead of it being a regular feeling just playing checkers it was abnormal for Janie and made her feel really good. It was as if she felt equal to the men. Along with the game of
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