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Speech is arguably the primary source of communication for humanity, enabling us to experience and share life with one other through our words. However, we see a different path of life in Janie, the main character in the book Their Eyes Were Watching God. Janie’s character evolves with using control of silence to her benefit, helping her find what she has always struggled to have: Individuality and independence. The relationships Janie has with her three husbands revolve around three versions of silence, while in pursuit of what she calls her “pear tree”, her true love. Logan forces silence from Janie which becomes an oppressor; Joe exploits Janie’s silence and uses it as a manipulator; and Janie’s only true love, Tea Cake, allows Janie…show more content…
He believes that by being the oppressor, he is fulfilling his duties as the husband. “You ain’t got no particular place. It’s wherever Ah need yuh. Git uh move on yuh, and dat quick.” (Pg. 31) Janie continues to suffer Logan’s demands but envisions a better life for herself with Joe Starks; she debates whether she should leave Logan for Joe. While she contemplates this decision, Logan commands she help with the manure pile, but she refuses to do so. Logan then declares: “Ah’m too honest and hard-workin’ for anybody in yo’ family, dat’s de reason you don’t want me!”(Pg.32) She is appalled at what she hears and finally comes to a breaking point. He continually degrades her by relentlessly reminding her of her up bringing, arguing that she is trying to bring him down to her low standards. Janie realizes she has endured Logan’s degrading remarks and disrespect for long enough. She refuses to follow the path of her mother and grandmother who were repeatedly abused. Janie knows that she will never love Logan; he will not fit as her pear-tree. The next morning, she deserts her miserable marriage with Logan and continues down the road to a new adventure, where Joe Starks awaits. Janie eagerly begins her new life with Joe and travels with him to Eatonville. Joe begins to whip the town into shape and molds it into a very established community, which causes Janie to be very proud. At the lighting ceremony in the new

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