Their Eyes Were Watching God

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In the novel "Their Eyes were Watching God," the main character, Janie, faces an inner battle in her three marriages, to speak or not to speak, which manifests itself differently with Logan, Joe, and Tea Cake. In her first marriage to Logan Killicks, Janie has her idea of what a marriage should look like shattered, as she failed to fall into the romantic idea of love that she held dear (Myth and Violence in Zora Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God). In her second marriage, to Joe “Jody” Starks, Janie buried her fight and spirit within herself, as she attempted to fit into the mold of the “perfect wife” Joe imagined (In Search Of Janie). Finally, in her marriage to Tea Cake, she feels the love she has longed for, and is accepted as the strong, independent woman she is (Janie Crawford Character Analysis). In every marriage, Janie feels the various effects of each man, as they either encourage or diminish her voice and inner spark. When Janie was a young girl, she was raised by her Nanny. Nanny had seen much in her life, and wanted only the best for Janie. In Nanny’s eyes, this involved marrying up and becoming wealthy enough to live comfortably (Hurston, 114). Marriage, to Nanny, wasn’t about love so much as it was about stability (Hurston, 13). This explains why, when she caught Janie kissing Johnny Taylor, she pushed Janie into marrying Logan. “Although she [protested], Janie finally submits to her grandmother and marries Logan Killicks” (Myth and Violence in Zora…

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