Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Janie had beautiful, long hair which was admired by most people that she met. Janie was raised by her grandmother since her own mother and father where absent in her life. Since a teen, she was obsessed with true love. Her first marriage was to Logan Killicks, a much older and unattractive man. Janie’s marriage to Logan was forced upon her by her grandmother and Janie resented her grandmother for this. Even though Logan took care of Janie, she was very unhappy with Logan and tried to love him but could not. While living with Logan, Janie meets Joe Starks. Joe is charismatic and full of ambition and promises Janie the life she knows she can’t have with Logan. She soon runs away with him to Eatonville, a town that Joe invests in and builds from the ground up. In Eatonville Janie is known as the “mayor’s wife” and is constantly belittled by her husband, Joe. He forces her to tie her hair up with a head rag in public and sometimes physically assaults her. After twenty years of marriage, Janie is sick of Joe and his constant attempts to make her subordinate to him. On Joe’s death bed, Janie finally speaks her mind to him and he dies. After Jody dies, Janie feels a new sense of freedom and liberation.
After Jody’s death Janie unwraps her hair and is living happily single until she meets the handsome, ambitious, and much younger Tea Cake. Despite their drastic age difference,…

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