Theism World View Analysis

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“There was a time where there was only one God,” is a quote in which can be used to positively summarize Theism. Theism is a worldview that lies in between Naturalism and Deism. In Theism, Theist believe God is the creator of everything except himself. Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, and Christianity fall into the Theism worldview. Theist believe God never stops talking, taking for instance the fact that God reveals himself in The Bible, The Tunac, and The Qur'an known as written revelations. In epistemology, the study of knowledge, theist believe that one will always have a soul and they believe God takes “Microsoft route”. The “Microsoft route” is the idea that God can put stuff in your soul that you will need in the future, therefore God has the ability to pre-install everything that…show more content…
In consideration of the definition of Theism provided, I strongly withhold the idea that Theism is the worldview that I belong to. Take for instance the fact that I am part of the Catholic faith and according to the ten commandments provided by the Bible Catholics must only praise one God. Much like the Theism worldview, Catholics, like myself, God is the creator of all in existence, why I belong in this worldview. Secondly, due to the fact that my way of living revolves around the idea that God is the only most powerful being, conveys the idea that the Theism worldview is one that I belong in. To paint a better picture, owing to the idea that I only believe there is only one God, I am having my confirmation and a quinceanera mass. My confirmation will be taking place this year going to be an important day because I have been preparing for this my whole life. I started Catholic Education since third grade till present time looking forward to my confirmation, which will be the day that I will be establishing my place as a Catholic for the rest of my life(a
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