Thelma And Louise Compare And Contrast

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The two movies I am going to compare are Thelma &Louise and North Country. The sexual harassments to women both happened in these two movies, but the solutions of the main characters were different, and the outcomes of them were disparate, therefore, I wondered how did the main characters in each movie responded to the sexual harassment, and if it is different, why was it? By focusing on the different situations and personalities of the characters, especially Thelma and Josey, I’m going to compare and analyze the motivations that lead them to make such decisions and the ways that they dealt with the harassments. Firstly, I want to compare the scenes that happened before Thelma and Josey were sexually harassed and analyze their similarities.…show more content…
Out of the bar, the director used a long shot to show the quiet and dark outdoor surroundings where Harlan tried to control and hurt Thelma (Thelma &Louise, 00:19:27). Then, he used close-ups of Harlan’s view to show the constriction of Thelma (Thelma &Louise, 00:19:30). When Harlan pressed Thelma on the car, the camera quickly altered to a low-angle shot from Thelma’s view so that audience could feel the oppressive sensation directly (Thelma &Louise, 00:20:10). Let’s remember the mise-en-scene in this part and observe the situation in North Country. At the end of the conveyor tunnel, the director used an extreme long shot to show the panorama of the mine, showing the danger of the place (North Country, 00:44:06). This shot is the same as the first shot in the sexual harassment scene in Thelma & Louise, they both showed the places with no witnesses and dangerous to the women. Then, Bobby came and went to Josey in close proximity, and all the close-ups of the them were asymmetric: the space of Harlan obviously occurred much than Josey’s and gave people a feeling that Josey would be forced out from the frame if she didn’t stay close to Bobby (North Country, 00:44:40). Then, the director gave us a first point of view of Josey, which was running away from the circumstance (North Country, 00:44:50), embodying the helplessness of…show more content…
In Thelma &Louise, Thelma escaped further and discovered herself more, the hue of the film became lighter at the same time. In the last scene, under the azure sky, Thelma and Louise seated in the car of the bright sunshine, surrounded by police cars (Thelma &Louise, 02:05:27). The director used close-up shots to show how steadfast Thelma and Louise’s determination was (Thelma &Louise, 02:02:34). Meanwhile, the melodious and free main title music rose when Thelma and Louise clutched each other’s hand (Thelma &Louise, 02:05:27). Finally, the shot frozen in the moment where their car flew off the cliff (Thelma &Louise, 02:05:35). At the end of North Country, when the case of the sexual harassment fell into the dilemma, Gloria showed the support to Josey. Then, more and more spectators stood up to show the supports to Josey when the soothing background music rose (North Country, 01:56:28). At the same time, the director used close-ups to show how touched and appreciative Josey was at that time. Besides, Josey also expressed a feeling that every effort was
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