Thematic Analysis Of The Book Of Acts Essay example

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Thematic Analysis Template Student: Copy and paste the down arrow (  ) into boxes to show that a unit of material is continuing. Copy and paste the left arrow (  ) into boxes to show where a unit of material ends. column #1 Paragraphs (Submit in parts 1–3) Column #2 Immediate Context (Submit in Parts 2–3) Column #3 Major Points (Submit in Part 3) Column #4 Major Sections (Submit in Part 3) Column #5 Theme (Submit in Part 3) 1:1–5 Introduction 1:1-26 Before Pentecost 1:1–28:31 1:6–11 The ascension of Jesus  1:12–14 The Upper Room  1:15–26 Replacement of Judas, Matthias appointed new apostle  2:1–4 Fulfillment of The Holy Spirit’s dissension On Pentecost 2:1-47 Day of…show more content…
9:32–35 Peters ministry 9:32–12:24 Peters ministry 9:36–43 Peter raises Tabitha from the dead as a result many believed in Joppa  10:1–8 Cornelius Vision  10:9–16 Peter has Vision to reach the gentiles  10:17–23a Peter meets Cornelius  10:23b–29 The Peter’s vision revealed  10:30–33 Cornelius’ vision revealed  10:34–43 The gospel opened up to gentiles  10:44–48 Christians Jews recognize the baptism of the Holy Spirit upon the gentiles  11:1–18 Peter reveals to Jerusalem that salvation has come to gentiles as well  11:19–26 The disciples called Christians in Antioch  11:27–30 Great famine revealed thru Agabus  12:1–5 Peter imprisoned  12:6–17 Angel of the Lord frees Peter  12:18–19 Search for Peter, guards executed  12:20–23 Angel of the Lord strikes Herod dead  12:24 The word continues to spread  12:25 Barnabus and Saul return to Jerusalem with John Mark 12:25-13:13-42 Barnabus and Saul return to Jerusalem with John Mark 13:1–3 Barnabus and Paul set apart and sent on mission  13:4–12 Saul changed to Paul continue on missionary journey  13:13–16a John Mark abandons Paul and Barnabus  13:16b–25 Paul preaches sermon of remembrance that ends in Jesus at King in the line of David  13:26–41 Paul preaches Jesus and Him crucified and resurrected
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