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Thematic Analysis of an Interview Concerning Participation in an HIV Vaccine Trial
According to Bruan & Clarke Victoria (2006), “Thematic Analysis involves searching across a data set- be that a number of interviews or focus groups, or a range of texts to find repeated patterns of meaning.”
As part of a study designed to assess the preparedness of a community to participate in an HIV vaccine trial, an interview was transcribed with a member of an organisation known as Love Life. The interviewer attempted to gauge the respondent’s views on the vaccine, his willingness to participate, and the reasons behind them. They also discussed the perceptions and attitudes of those in the community and what he thought the response of his friends
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It also possible that he does not want to appear like he is uninformed as it may reduce the interviewer’s opinion of him.
Later, the interviewer tells him the he “felt like this vaccine will not be helping us anymore than condoms do” and asks the respondent for his opinion of the vaccine not being able to provide immunity from HIV. The respondent does not answer the question directly and proceeds to tell him that “a lot of people are excited about the vaccine” and of his general support of it. He takes it for granted that the organization would approve of him being a participant.
Furthermore, he also does not consider the fact that the vaccine would make him test HIV positive. He also does not weigh the pros and cons of his decision. He immediately states that he is willing to participate. In part, he states he does this to expand his knowledge.
…through the trial we will discover whether or not the vaccine works… If it does not work I would also have learnt that it doesn’t work…
I am always someone who likes to prove things.
This is even evident from his use of the words we and I in the above sentences. Through his involvements, the researchers will be able to determine whether the vaccine is effective but he makes this process much more dependent on himself than others might. Throughout the interview, he does not address the limitations or the risks of the vaccine and instead
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